Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Faux Babylegs

Black & Blue Argyle - size Baby Long

Maguire graciously agreed to be my model. I wasn't so sure what I thought of them for boys, but I think they're darn cute! Although, probably a lot cuter with a onesie, not showing his diaper :)

Pink Sparkles - size Toddler

Turquoise Sparkles - size Toddler
Black/Silver Sparkles - size Toddler
Christmas Sparkles - size Toddler

Here's my version of Babylegs - aren't they adorable?! I just wish I'd figured these out while my kids were babies. Oh well, they can still use them :) I'm anxious to try them out on Baby Maddy when she's here Thursday afternoon. I'll try to get a good picture of her modeling them to post.
**I'll DEFINITELY be adding to my inventory of these! I'll post pics when I finish more.**
PRICE: $8/pair


Shauna said...

I love these and wish I still had babies around to wear them...ok....maybe not - but I do wish they were around when the kids were babies! But I do know a lot of babies so I may have to place and order sometime soon!

I love your stuff!