Monday, May 5, 2008


I'm contemplating a contest to give away some "Holy Crafts" :) To enter, all you'll have to do is leave a comment on the upcoming contest post. From there, the winner will be chosen randomly. In the meantime, leave me a comment letting me know what you'd like most to WIN! And keep checking back for the official contest post ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Abby!!!!! It's me Amy!! I hope your women's retreat went well and that Kyle's new job is going good.
I would LOVE to win some snappies!!! LOVE THEM!!!! I can't wait to get some from you (:

Anonymous said...

I love the snappies. More, please. (The brown stripe/flower looks so cute on Elise, and its a great size)

p.s. Do you never sleep =-)


brianandcourt said...

Hello friend! I think this comment officially enters me into the contest. But I'm looking forward to a little package in the mail with all the snappies & bow bows for Makenna & all her little friends.
Keep 'em coming... the ideas are fabulous!


Gary said...

Let's see... I think Brianna would look best in the snappies! This is my entry! (Very cute ideas by the way!)

buhtafly said...

These are all too adorable! You have done a great job! I love the napkins(I dont have any of those!) but having a daughter, I can't stop eyeing those clips! I am not sure which would work better in my daughters hair..the snappies or single clip? She will be 6 this month and is starting to get pretty thick hair..
You are doing a great job! I love them all! have you gotten these up on etsy yet??

Abby said...

Bree--I think the clips would work best for her. The snappies can still work with thick hair, but not so well to actually hold it back, does that make sense? :) Nothing on etsy yet...maybe soon :)

buhtafly said...

that makes sense! thanks! Good luck on etsy! I am sure you will do awesome! I am going to plug ya on my blog and a couple mommy boards I am on :)