Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Bibs

I love these super-cute bibs! My kids have a few that they've used since they started on solids (4-6 months). At 16 months and 3 years old, they still love to use them! Ashlyn routinely asks for her "Ashlyn ladybug bib" :)
Price: $15 (includes personalization)
*Styles available depends on current inventory


Anonymous said...

Hey Abby! Love these. Do you have any with jungle animals? If so, I'd order one for my cousin's upcoming arrival. Let me know. Heather

Shauna said...

Ok - I love your stuff! You are so good! Check your email and email me back - I cant wait to work on your page!


Abby said...

Heather, I'm sure I can find something. Let me check and get back to you :)

buhtafly said...

Genius! I bet those are so cute on! and easier then trying to snap in place, or velco that wears down and they pull off!