Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Leggings Options

Here are some more options for the baby leggings. Any of the legging can be made shorter, but cannot be made longer than the length listed.
NB - Newborn (0-3 months) 7-9" long
Baby - 3-6 months 11-12" long
Baby Long - 6-18 months 13-14" long
Toddler - 18+ months 15-16" long

Row1ColumnA: Pretty Pink - size NB (8")
Row1ColumnB: Pink Snowflakes - size Toddler
Row1ColumnC: Black/Red/White Argyle - size Baby
Row1ColumnD: Spring Green Flowers - size NB (7")

Row2ColumnA: Green Camo - size NB (8") *actual color is more olive green than picture shows
Row2ColumnB: Blue/Green Camo - size NB (8") *actual color is more blue/green than picture shows
Row2ColumnC: Flower Love - size NB (7")
Row2ColumnD: Spring Stripes - size NB (9")

Row3ColumnA: Love & Kisses - size NB (7")
Row3ColumnB: Blue Flowers - size NB (8")
Row3ColumnC: Salmon Flowers - size NB (8")
Row3ColumnD: Aqua/Red Flowers - size NB (7")

Row4ColumnA-D: weird glitch (aka user error ;) ) that made the first row repeat :)

I'm always on the lookout for more options for the Baby, Baby Long and Toddler sizes!


kristen said...

hi im looking for green leggings for my daughter for st patricks day. i dont see where i can email you so my email is