Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As we prepared for our family vacation to Palm Springs, I got a little carried away with the "details" of Ashlyn's outfits :) It all started with the bathing suits because, you know, all little girls wear bows while they're swimming, right?! Ha ha! After making the bows to match her swimsuits, I decided to make some for a few of her other shirts/outfits. So much fun!

Does your little girl have an outfit you'd like to have a matching bow made for? I'd love to do it for you--just send a picture and I'll do my best!

Every year when we go to Palm Springs and/or when my almost-4-year-old cousin, Lisa, and almost-3-year-old cousin, Nathan, come to MI to visit, we get the kids (Lisa/Ashlyn, Maguire/Nathan) matching suits. To make it even more fun for the girls I made them matching bows. Sorry boys, no bows for you!


The Samsons said...

Soo cute, Abby! I'll be sending you a picture of the girls' Easter dresses...:)