Saturday, April 12, 2008


My almost 3-year-old daughter has the longest, most beautiful hair with soft curls. I'm so jealous! Well, most of the time (because I was dumb last summer and cut bangs for her) it gets in her eyes/face. If it's not that, it's getting into her food and her mouth driving her and me crazy. Our solution is a "bow-bow" or a hair bow/clip. I purchased a few from a little children's boutique when she was 2 weeks old (she was born with lots of hair!) so that people would know she's a girl :) Upon further inspection I discovered that I could easily reproduce and even expand on these bows. Now, Ashlyn's "stash" is getting a bit out of control, but I just can't stop with these darling little clips! My niece, who's turning 5 tomorrow, asked for some for her birthday. So just tonight I made 8 bow-bows for her. Thanks for the excuse to make more, Eliani!

I use alligator type spring clips. Typically I don't fully line the clip (see bottom flower clip) because I've found that leaving the "point" of the clip exposed helps to slide the clip into the hair. Although, fully lining the clip does help give better grip to those sweeties with very little hair. I'm currently working on another way to make the clips even "grippier" for your precious "baldies" :) Fully-lined clips

Partially-lined clip

Here's a picture of my hours-old niece, Skydra, wearing one of my bows :)


brianandcourt said...

bows - i need bows. what's your going rate on the little ribbon ones?

brianandcourt said...

i love the ribbon ones. someone gave her similar ones from target (ribbies?) and one if them is the same ribbon as that brown one with flowers on it that is in your picture. let's see - popular colors in her wardrobe... turquoise, purple, white, brown, green, black... whatever you can do with that. I'd like 8. No rush. :)

Abby said...

Small ribbon ones are $2 and flower ones are $3 with flat shipping of $3. Other custom bows vary. What colors does Miss Makenna need? :)